Code of Ethics of Epicomm

The members of Epicomm believe that mailing and fulfillment is both a private business and a means of public communication. As businessmen who are providing an information media utilized by the public, mailing and fulfillment firms have the responsibility of carrying on their businesses in a manner consistent with the public interest.

Recognizing that this is true, and also recognizing that self-scrutiny and the policing of one’s own premises are the best guarantees of ethical business practices, the members of our Association hereby subscribe to the Code of Mailing and Fulfillment Industry Guidelines. By the nature of its business, the mailing and fulfillment industry is in direct and frequent contact with public officials, both in the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

These Guidelines will therefore prescribe rules governing the relationship between the members of this Association and these public officials. All members of the Association agree, by their continued membership in the Association, to affirm these Guidelines and their own voluntary agreement to operate their business in compliance with them. It is understood, however, that these Guidelines impose no sanctions on any member unless the Guidelines state so.